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2013 APA's Annual Meeting Special Edition
Jeste Passes Presidential Medallion to Lieberman

Photo of Dilip Jeste

At today’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, APA President Dilip Jeste, M.D., passed the presidential medallion to incoming President Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D., whose one-year term begins at the close of the annual meeting on Wednesday. Also at that time, Paul Summergrad, M.D., will begin his term as president-elect. Other new Board members whose terms will begin at that time are Secretary Maria Oquendo, M.D., Minority/Underrepresented Group Trustee Gail Robinson, M.D., and Member-in-Training (MIT) Trustee-Elect Lara Cox, M.D. Erik Vanderlip, M.D., becomes the MIT Trustee.

The Assembly speaker and speaker-elect also sit on the Board, and this year the positions will be filled by Melinda Young, M.D., and Jenny Boyer, M.D. In addition, Area 3 Trustee Brian Crowley, M.D., and Area 6 Trustee Marc Graff, M.D., begin their second terms on the Board. Continuing on the Board are Treasurer David Fassler, M.D.; Trustee-at-Large Anita Everett, M.D.; ECP Trustee-at-Large Molly McVoy, M.D.; Area 1 Trustee Jeffrey Geller M.D.; Area 2 Trustee James Nininger, M.D.; Area 4 Trustee Judith Kashtan, M.D; Area 5 Trustee James Greene, M.D., and Area 7 Trustee Jeffrey Akaka, M.D. The three most recent past presidents are also Board members. This year they are Jeste, John Oldham, M.D., and Carol Bernstein, M.D.




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